Treadwell Jennes House


Steeped in historical architectural details and a who’s who of former occupants and visitors alike (from President(s) George Washington and William Howard Taft, John Hancock and an infamous Sheriff Thomas Packer), the Treadwell Jenness Mansion and its .4 acre site have been referred to as opulent, castle-like and is just one of several former mansions previously owned by the Jenness family.  The homestead’s two namesakes, Mrs. Treadwell and Richard Jenness trace back to the 1800’s with each family having their place in society, business and politics.  Later evolutions include the former boarding house, also known as the Hotel Merrick with archived photos from the early 1900’s depicting the widows walk and many other fine style building details that hundreds years later continue to set the Federal building apart from many of its neighboring properties. 

Decades ago the house served as Home to the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks and until September 2020 a temporary home for many antiques, collectables, and characters as home to Northeast Auctions.  The seasoned antiquarian and auctioneer held elaborate tented auctions in the parking lot, with bidders from around the corner to around the world, whether in person or phoning in bids, audiences were hungry for a piece of unique history. 

While the future of the Treadwell Jennes House is in its final design formation … 93 Pleasant Street  will continue to celebrate each historical and architectural exterior detail and meld its interior to ultimately boast the new business address for many unique office users.  With approximately 6,500 square feet on four floors in the original structure and upwards of 19,000 square feet in the Court Street facing addition, this new offering will provide access to all the downtown has to offer, including  eighteen underground garage parking spaces, bicycle storage and designated underground scooter spots. 

With an eye toward the future the Treadwell Jenness Mansion/House will continue to celebrate its unique history for many more centuries.