Brick Market

60 Penhallow Street

Brick Market

Most recently a surface parking lot at the corner of Penhallow Street and Daniel Street; historical records traced back to 1740 share many significant dwellers, including the historic Clagett-Hart House, "Noah's Ark" and centuries of other notables ... all bringing us to today!

Years after the Clagett-Hart House and during the Revolution, Noah Parker resided in the pretentious edifice and it was locally known as “Noah’s Ark” from which Ark Street (now Penhallow) got its name. Noah Parker was a blacksmith & whitesmith, and also became Portsmouth’s first universalist minister.

In the great fire of 1813 practically, every building was destroyed in the entire area except Noah’s Ark; its survival was considered extraordinary since it was a complete wooden structure.  In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s multiple buildings were constructed on the subject parcel and well know local businesses, including Moe’s Italian Sandwich, Eagle Photo and Gilley’s Lunch Truck all occupied buildings on the site. In the 1950’s Noah’s Ark and the adjacent building were razed for a parking lot in a wave of Urban Renewal. The surface parking lot now also just a memory will become home to a uniquely designed contemporary architecture in downtown Portsmouth's Historic District.  

 60 Penhallow at Brick Market, opening June 2022, featuring: 

Third & Fourth Floor - LEASED - occupancy - June 1, 2022. 

Opening Autumn 2022 ...Hearth Food Garden (a European-styled plethora of food and beverages), this uniquely designed space will bring Hearth, Heart and Earth together as a warm center, engine of life, pulsing hub as it boasts the best street level access to exceptional spaces to eat, drink and mingle in all of downtown Portsmouth, where one can see and be seen from the open-air indoor/outdoor sumptuous seating, while enjoying food/gardening and visual arts demonstrations. From wood fire pizza to a large wood fire fireplace, French-styled crepes to chocolatier offerings, an elixir bar and raw bar; surely something for everyone day or night!! Follow the fun . . .

Work.Smart  at Brick Market -  second-floor tenancies will offer a mix of private and coop style office suites offering daily passes to hoteling desks, conference room or an assortment of private suites,  Work.Smart will offer large community areas for impromptu collaboration, coffee cafes as well as private phone rooms, a fully functional podcast booth for four to six as well as private bathrooms, showers, and offering on-site bike storage.   {For more information and availability, please contact Marie Bodi -}

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